Decorating an Apartment Balcony

At Archipelago Living we believe that the right furniture finishes an outdoor space to perfection and turns it into an additional room for you to utilise. Here are our top five tips for making the most out of a small balcony space:

  1. ​Hanging plants create a garden feel, whilst not taking up valuable floor space. The greenery from plants brings a softness and fresh ambiance to the space.
  2. Multifunctional furniture such as benches that can store cushions and rugs, can be turned into outdoor couches with the addition of some decorative cushions.
  3. Tables that can be stacked and then separated out, when required are perfect to cater for a small group of friends!
  4. Symmetry is a great aspect to play with. Give your balcony a sheik symmetrical design with a built in shelf and ensure your furniture is of the same shape. This gives your balcony an orderly and neat look.
  5. Keep it simple. Make use of minimalist designs to make your balcony look and feel more spacious but at the same time comfortable and modern. A black/dark couch and humble throw pillows complete the overall relaxing vibe of the balcony. A hint of colour can be added to the space with the use of pillows and throw rugs.

We know that choosing the right size, design, finish and colour can also be daunting, so bring in a picture to the store and let our team of experts help you get it just right!

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