Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/Outdoor rugs are not only stylish and plush underfoot, but can serve as a fantastic practical tool to define an outdoor space.

Just as you would in an indoor room, design your outdoor area with a theme and colour scheme in mind and choose a rug to complement this. Whether it be a bright colour or patterned rug to ‘pop’ against a neutral colour scheme or an earth tone for a timeless appeal.

They are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns and can be easily cleaned through vacuuming. They are also UV stable, meaning that they won’t fade and will maintain their vibrant colours for years to come.

Not only do indoor/outdoor rugs look fantastic in bringing extra colour to an outdoor entertaining space, they are also fantastic in creating visual borders within large, undefined spaces to break up areas and determine furniture placement.

Outdoor rugs also serve to protect bare feet and offer respite from the heat of concrete, tile and hardwood decks on a hot Summer’s day.

Just like indoor living rooms, outdoor spaces look great with a rug. Whatever you choose, today's new rugs are beautiful and easy to clean. They're a great way to unify indoor and outdoor spaces and to create the sense of a zone to tie your look together.

At Archipelago Living, we are proud to have launched our own range of indoor/outdoor rugs. Manufactured and stocked exclusively by and for our stores, they are perfect to liven up any outdoor entertaining zone or even to use as a hard wearing indoor rug.

Visit your local Archipelago Living to view the full range in store.

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