Outdoor Dining

Summer in Australia can only mean one thing - it’s barbeque season! Whether you have a huge backyard space to work with or just a small courtyard, building a beautiful and functional outdoor dining area (complete with barbeque!) is a fantastic way to get the most out of your backyard. 

Having adequate space in a backyard is crucial, so it is important not to overcrowd your outdoor dining space. Choose key pieces specifically to suit your backyard space that will provide both comfort and function.

Modular sofas, like our Savana range, that can be rearranged to suit any occasion are perfect to create a casual outdoor dining space in your backyard. Scattering beanbags and cushions throughout the backyard is also a fantastic way to add character and comfort to the space, whilst encouraging a casual barbeque vibe. 

For a more interactive entertaining space in your backyard, we would recommend a tall table and bar stools like our Tribeca range. This encourages guests to stand and mingle around the backyard, chatting to other guests and the lucky chef behind the barbeque! 

For a formal outdoor dining setting, the perfect outdoor dining table is crucial! Ensure it is large enough to accommodate all of your guests for summer barbeques, whilst still allowing enough space to move around the backyard. Bench seats, like our Orlando or Trapeze range, are perfect for maximising the number of guests you can seat at your outdoor dining setting.

An important consideration to make when deciding on the perfect furniture for your outdoor dining space is whether it will be undercover or exposed to the elements. All outdoor furniture at Archipelago Living is 100% outdoor, meaning it can withstand rain, hail or shine. However, if the outdoor dining setting is to be exposed to the elements in your backyard, we recommend adding an oversized umbrella to the space to protect your guests from the harsh sun when enjoying a summer barbeque.

Whether you are a seasoned entertainer, or just enjoy a casual Sunday barbeque, turning your backyard into the perfect outdoor dining space will ensure you’re always ready to throw a shrimp on the barbeque!
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