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Whether it be birthday celebrations, pool parties, dinner parties, the family Christmas gathering or any of the myriad of other reasons Australians find to spend quality time together, a significant amount of our family and social lives revolves around our outdoor spaces. While the reasons for spending large amounts of time socialising outdoors might not of changed much over the years, the ways in which we inhabit our alfresco spaces definitely has. Consequently, people now demand outdoor furniture packages that suit a 21st century Australian lifestyle.

Previously the domain of chunky, hardy and practical furniture that placed an emphasis on function over form, a move towards sophisticated inner-city living means that things have become increasingly elegant and stylish in recent times. By using the latest materials and production methods to ensure that our products are as visually appealing as they are durable, we’ve been able to revolutionise what’s possible when it comes to fashionable outdoor furniture.

The rise of modern home designs featuring open plan living has blurred the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Shrinking block sizes and a move to higher density living have also meant that people, now more than ever, are demanding flexible and functional alfresco furniture that will allow them to get the absolute most out of the space they have available to them.

For those looking for a durable, visually stunning, practical way to make sure that they’re making the most out of our fantastic Australian outdoor lifestyle, our elegant and stylish outdoor furniture packages are just the ticket. Take the hassle out of achieving an amazing look by choosing one of our carefully thought out ensembles, or if you’re having trouble deciding which one would work best for you just get in touch with us today for some helpful advice on how you can make the right decision.